Is your on-boarding cool enough?

You can’t afford to mess up Day One. Even the kid who is still studying in school knows that. But the onus on making Day One cool is with the organisation and not the person who joins you. Of course, new joiners are pumped up to have a great experience, whether it is their first or their tenth. However a placid or unappealing Day One can kill all the enthusiasm, for sure.

So, how can the on-boarding experience be cool enough for the 18 year old intern or the 50 year old Senior Director? Indeed, multi-generational experiences are hard to craft. To be cool, you need to have some level of unpredictability yet consistency.Consistent with your values but fun or different to appeal to the new joiner. There should be enough to encourage curiosity and remove boredom.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Have welcome kits that are aligned to the individual, either their hobbies or role.
2. Ask your recent new joiners to design the experience.
3. Get your oldest employees to be part of Day One experiences so that they are as involved in welcoming newcomers.
4. Get paperwork pre-done and simplify it too. For eg, don’t make the new joiner fill their name and address five times!
5. Bonus idea: a treasure hunt game to get them to discover colleagues and the office facilities.


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