The drama titled ‘Employee Engagement’

There are two actors on stage – the management and HR. Where are the employees?

Management directs HR to ‘engage’ employees and create activities. HR complains that nobody participates.

Has anyone thought that people don’t really like ‘fun’ to be ‘orchestrated’? And when did engagement meaning get converted to ‘fun activities’.

Engagement = deriving meaning and driving mastery. It results in people saying, staying and striving for the organisation.

Deriving meaning – does what you do make you feel that you are contributing to something better? And is that something better sufficient satisfaction for your efforts and skills?

Driving mastery – do you feel you are learning and growing?

In order to emphasis the meaning element, organisations invest on rewards, recognition, creating trust, stating vision, making sure people have some fun also at work. Unfortunately a lot of focus is only on the last point.

What can organisations do to align with the other factors?

  1. A compelling vision and future to be engaged with
  2. Communication multiple times on what is valued
  3. Recognise different skills and strengths
  4. Continuously monitor trust and give tools to managers to build this
  5. Train line managers all the time on all the info they need and ensure they are ambassadors of the organisation’s values
  6. Most important of all, ensure that the job each person in the organisation does is meaningful and give them the tools to reduce the non-meaningful or value-adding parts.

And what should you do to still have a lot of fun? That’s the material for a mini-post which will come through soon!

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