Gen Z ready, steady, go!

Okay, the dust has settled on the millennial discussions finally. I hope. Because there are new kids on the block – the Gen Z. (I do wonder who comes up with these names for generations!)

Organisations may not need to change their culture drastically to accommodate these generations because they will change the organisation once they join. The real issue is getting them to join.

So here are a few tips:
1. Be there socially. You know by now we are not talking about society. Get your brand on the wide web and make every interaction count.
2. ‎Be mobile. Again not talking about transport but that piece of instrument you may not be using as much as the GenZ. If you, your website, your employees are outdated, it will be quite an up hill task I assure you.
3. ‎Be engaged. You know by now I mean use every possible chance to connect and find how to influence the Gen Z. They like it short, crisp and powerful. Rambling on is a strict no-no.
4. Be tech. Recruit using as much tech out there is possible of course without complicating things. Use it to make decisions faster and more conveniently – all candidates will appreciate that.

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