Sometimes first impressions are wrong…

I have often believed in trying my best to give a great first impression. I have even supported this view when engaging young career makers or leaders who are stuck. However, I have also noticed that the pressure of making a great first impression sometimes brings out the worst in us. On reflection I noticed that when I have observed someone (and even someplace, as I am soon going to reveal) in my first meeting or interaction, I have made crucial mistakes and indulged in the halo or horn effect causing deep regret later.

Yesterday, I realised I had written off a wonderful place near my home called Ponmudi because of first impressions. The last and first time I had been there, it felt like a dead place and I often discouraged friends or family from visiting this otherwise popular tourist spot. Thankfully, a group of friends, who ignored my implores, dragged me for company to this place again. And I regret I had been so closed minded about the place earlier – we were there for a very short while between 3:30pm and 4:30pm when the clouds seem to float around us. The photographic views, the weather, the almost zero visibility and the thattukada tea and omelette have made me a convert! Golden Hills, indeed 🙂

Sometimes, first impressions you make on others are not the end of the world and first impressions you have of others are not to be taken all that seriously.

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