Angry Nation?

If it brings a smile on your face without insulting someone else, then it is a joke else, it is a shame. I often wonder about all the time people have to make trolls and insults on someone and not having the time to find the good in others. Our constant nit-picking of other people’s words, behaviours and actions is making us a very angry nation.

And then there is the taking of sides: you are only for or against someone. You are not allowed to have a balanced opinion or look at each circumstance and appreciate or critique. You have to either make someone a hero or a villain.

I often thought India was a great place because of our tolerance and balanced view of life. We know that there is a short term and long term and that we are all individuals but also sum of each other. Yet we have succumbed successfully to random memes and trolls and made up news.

The impact on organisations are two fold:

  1. Team members are less tolerant of others’ views and this can create unnecessary friction.
  2. Team members create memes and trolls internally hurting others’ sentiments easily and without realising the impact.

Now, when it is quite easy to create Whatsapp groups and Tik-Tok videos, what should the organisation do when a ‘joke’ becomes a ‘harassment’? Should the organisation wait for an incident? How should guidelines be circulated? How should offenders be taken to task?

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