Top ten tips to get ‘industry ready’

Recently I was asked to take a session for MBA students in a nearby college. I collected a few thoughts from my peers and have jotted down the essence of what I tried to convey to them. On reflection, some of these are applicable to anyone who is starting their career. Understand how the business … Continue reading Top ten tips to get ‘industry ready’

Motivation is not extrinsic for long

Just like when we are learning something new it feels difficult, when we get a new experience we are excited. Over time, the skill becomes easy and the experience taken for granted. Motivation is like that. A new benefit however shiny looses it's sheen very soon. And not everyone gets excited by the same benefit … Continue reading Motivation is not extrinsic for long

Generalist vs. Specialist

Specialisation helps in problem identification faster but it disconnects the treatment to a limited scope and discounts the larger connectedness of our systems that can provide a more wholesome and long-term effect. This was what I understood when two doctors discussed another's achievement. A doctor in his mid-forties was introducing his ophthalmologist wife to a … Continue reading Generalist vs. Specialist